Paul Sarapas Design
Design and Layout Services

Use my layout and design services for brochures and programs, party or event invitations, or announcements of any kind. I can layout newsletter articles or design templates that you can use over and over. My work includes posters, flyers, letterhead, or business cards. I can assist with writing and editing copy, or just do the basic layout--whatever you'd like--from the simple and basic to more complex.

All work is delivered on a CD, in the file format of the client's and printer's choice, including photoshop, pdf, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, and more. I can also upload large files directly to your printer via FTP server.

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Here are a three samples of my work. You can also view more examples in my growing Portfolio.

Brochure Layout Sample
Brochure Layout Sample (click to DL)
Party Flier Sample (click to DL)
Newsletter Layout Sample
Newsletter Layout Sample (click to DL)