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Paul Sarapas - Biography - Artist's Statement

If I had to use one word to describe the type of artist I am, I think collage would probably be the best answer. The first film I made 35 years (!) ago was a collage film composed of hundreds of still images in rapid fire editing. I've since done work in animation, documentary, and all types of styles, and eventually found myself moving back into photo collage.

While I started up with my own darkroom in the attic when I was forteen, I ended moving entirely into film making and film study through the rest of high school and college. With the advent of digital photography and programs such as photoshop, I re-discovered the joy of photography as a means of exploration and self expression and enjoyed the ability to use several types of digital photo and video programs to weave together new work. After many years away from still photography it ended up being a natural place for me to gravitate towards.

The latest expression of this is the film Temperate Rain Forest, a collage film that took over two years to photograph and complete. I find it interesting to explore detail and juxtaposition, making statements through the observations that I tend to make on a daily basis.

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