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Paul Sarapas - Biography - Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

(from 1976 to present)

Paul F. Sarapas

52 Greenwood Avenue

Wakefield , MA 01880

978.443.9961 ext. 2204 (w)

781.245.5856 (h)

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Thirty years experience as an educator and creator of Media Arts, working with all age groups and skill levels.



Team development for a four day summer 2006 minstitute at Tufts University in Media Literacy and Production. Will be part of a teaching team for an audience of middle and high school educators.

3/99 to 11/2000:

Instructor, Video Production: Instructor in Basic and Intermediate level video production for cable television access members. Added new course in set design and construction, March 2000.

Client: Malden Access Television, Malden, MA

11/96 to 9/97:

Consultant and Editor: In the development and writing of a novel which blends Science Fiction and Puzzle Solving.

Client: Organized Thinking, Inc., Weston, MA

10/96 to 10/98:

Producer, Director, Editor: For two instructional videos which detail the use of an implanted medical device known as a portacath.

Client: Massachusetts General Hospital, Pediatric Hematology Clinic, Boston

12/94 to 12/95:

Consultant: In the development of an interactive video series for teaching and training scientific researchers in the mechanisms of technology transfer, licensing, and patent law.

Clients: Alfred Handler, MD, Director of Science and Technology, Beth Israel Hospital; Patent Attorney David Prashker, Boston, MA

11/93 to 12/94:

Consultant and Co-Author: In the development of a High School Textbook in Video Production.

Client: Davis Publications, Worcester, MA

3/93 to 11/93:

Consultant and Executive Producer: In the making of a video documentary examining the life and work of Jazz Musician Alan Dawson.

Client: Educator’s Alliance Video, Palo Alto, CA.

1/93 to 3/93:

On-Line Video Editor: For three sixty-second videos detailing the works housed in the Louvre Museum. Videos exhibited and distributed to International audiences.

Clients: The Boston Film/Video Foundation, Inc., Tufts University, Boston, MA; L’Musee Louvre, Paris, France.

3/92 to 9/92:

Software Editor: Assisted in the editing of computer programs for the development of puzzles, using the “C” computer language.

Client: Mr. David Griffel, Weston, MA

2/92 to 9/95:

President, The Attorney’s Assistance Group: A Boston based company providing lawyers with video production services for litigation support.

7/91 to 9/94:

Independent Title Examiner/Para Legal: Operated own business in providing legal research services to Boston area attorneys.

1/91 to 4/91:

Off-Line Video Editor: Worked on a thirty minute documentary about benign uses of Rain Forest products. Finished work broadcast on WGBH Boston “La Plaza” program.

Client: InterLock Media, Cambridge, MA

9/90 to 6/91:

Teacher, Consultant, and Assistant to the Office of Development.

Client: James E. Farr Academy, Cambridge, MA


Assistant to the Director of Lighting: In the conversion of a restaurant into a temporary TV studio for a cable TV sports production at the Boston Garden.

Client: Continental Cable, Local Origination, Cambridge, MA.

2/90 to 5/90:

Teacher, Consultant, and Executive Producer: For a group of seven TV producers visiting from Khartoum, The Sudan. Aided in the production and editing of a travelogue which detailed their stay in the United States.

Clients: The Islamic Call, Saudi Arabia, The Boston Film/Video Foundation, Inc.

9/89 to 9/90:

Audio/visual Technician: Service to corporate clients and the convention industry. Slide/video projection, audio reinforcement, and media production. Clients included Lotus Development Corporation, Harvard Medical School, The New England.

Agency: Immediate Connections, Inc., Boston, MA

9/87 to 9/88:

Video Producer/Director: In the production of two promotional videos used for fundraising purposes.

Client: Directors of Development and Admission Offices, The Carroll School, Lincoln, MA

7/86 to 10/86:

Producer, Director, Editor: For a training video in Mathematics instruction.

Client: The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, Princeton, NJ

9/84 to 9/85:

Video Projectionist: Assisted in running connections for satellite uplink and downlink, setup and operation of video projectors at the Boston Garden, Worcester Centrum, and Providence Civic Center.

Client: Video/Visuals, Inc., Newton, MA

6/84 to 9/85:

Member, The Producer’s Group: Worked on a crew effort in the production of a bi-monthly Live, Cable TV show entitled “Dead Air Live”, examining local issues.

Produced at: Somerville Access Television, Somerville MA

5/83 to 6/84:

Chief Film Animator: Coordinated animation production and provided animated segments for insertion into a documentary about clean uses of coal for energy production.

Client: Graduate Students at Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the United States Department of Energy.

2/78 to 3/94:

Technical Instructor/Course Development: responsible for the creation and teaching of courses in film animation, Basic and Intermediate Video Production, Off-Line and On-Line video editing.

Client: The Boston Film/Video Foundation, Inc.

9/76 to 12/76:

Animation Production Assistant: On seven sixty-second animation shorts broadcast on PBS Sesame Street Program.

Client: Mr. Al Jarnow, Brooklyn, NY


1973:  8mm Animated Collage Film “Amercia as a Gun Culture: A Loaded View”

1979:  16mm film, Animation and Live Action “Amalgam”

2006:  Digital Video Short narrative/memoir “Wash Me Clean”

2007:  Digital Video Collage Animation: “Temperate Rain Forest”

2006-2007:  (In production) documentary video on Roxbury Massachusetts Artist’s Community

2007:  (in production) documentary video regarding community response to recent tragedy at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School.


Addressing Mediocre Teaching: Resource For Better Teaching, Inc., graduate credit grade of 4.0, Fitchburg State College, January 2007

Extending Anti-Racist Education into the Classroom and School (EMI2), Empowering Multicultural Initiatives, graduate credit grade of 4.0, Framingham State College, February 2007.

The Role of “Story” in Education, graduate credit grade of 4.0, Tufts University. June 2005. Observing and Analyzing Teaching: Resource For Better Teaching, Inc., graduate credit grade of 4.0, Fitchburg State College, January 2005.

Understanding Teaching I (Saphier methodology course) Resource for Better Teaching, Inc., graduate credit grade of 4.0,, Fitchburg State College, December 2001.

Talking About Race Empowering Multicultural Initiatives, Inc., graduate credit grade of 4.0,, Framingham State College,June 2001


September 1995 to November 2001

Assistant Scoutmaster, Boy Scouts of America, Troop 615, Melrose MA

3/95 to present

Officer of the Everett Lodge Of Elks, Everett MA: served as Esquire and Inner Guard

Active involvement in Special Needs Committee (for Retarded Citizens), Public Relations Committee, and Committee for Youth Development.

6/77 to 10/81

Member , Board of Directors, The Boston Film/Video Foundation Inc.


All-American Champion, Office of Chaplain Ritual Competition: Elks Association, July 2004.

All-State Champion, Office of Esquire Ritual Competion: Massachusetts Elks Association, February 1996.

All-State Champion, Office of Inner Guard Ritual Competion: Massachusetts Elks Association, March 2002.

First Place, Division I: New England Scholastic Press Association, for the cable TV series “LS Today”, June 2001

Scholarship award of 1/3 tuition from the Graduate Department of Education at Tufts University, March 2002